Friday, June 9, 2017

Graduation caps News #7

Cam Longchamp & Brennen Whitcomb

Now graduation brings tons of different emotions to the table but one thing to keep your mind at ease is decorating your cap. Seniors around the school have decorated their caps with an inspirational quote or something funny that reflects on the students… this is what we found.

Jack Lyman is participating by decorating his cap with UVM stickers to show how much he likes the UVM Catamounts.   
Sophie Boyer has a long lasting love with the autobots and is only fitting when she says she wants to make her cap have an autobot symbol and the redhawks logo with the phrase roll out on it  
Cameron Howe, a gamer at heart and all around a good friend, decorated his cap as a Dungeons and Dragons reference and says, “D20 roll for initiative”.  
Eli sanchez is not much of an artistic soul but a very warm hearted kid who loves to look back on the golden football days and the love for the game as he will put his number #70 to remember his days as a gladiator of the gridiron.     
Brittany Wright is always willing to go the extra mile and has always been a princess when doing so. she decorated her cap saying “usually I wear a crown but today this will do”.   

CVU graduation is right around the corner and the anticipation is high. To all seniors around the school… looking forward to the caps on graduation day.  

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Grad Challenge! News #6

Cam Longchamp, sophie Boyer, Brennen Whitcomb

HINESBURG- Grad challenge is a week away at CVU and the race is on to finish grad challenge. Grad challenge is when the senior student have to pick a topic and talk about at the end of the year. Some students are very nervous about presenting  

Aaron Wells- the project was “shitty”. When working on the project he felt it was easier outside of class. He also commented that next friday he was physically ready to present but mentally ready to puke.  

Lawrence T-  is mostly prepared. Probably more than most…
He asked questions ahead of time and feels like he is ready to go.
He thinks those who didn't take a class with Andrea Lachance, will probably feel more stressed. Because his class is super helpful. Your are successful if you pay attention and don't bum around
Those were just 2 of the 310 seniors in the senior class and what they had to say about how they felt about their own project, Adam Bunting the principal at CVU has shown the thought about the future ideas.   

Adam Bunting- Trying to evolve Grad Challenge overall to be a four year learning process
Where the learning and values stay with you.

The heat and stress is rising for the senior class to finish grad challenge and most are ready but there are still few that are almost there.   

Have You Been Infected? News #5

Brennen Whitcomb & Cameron Longchamp

May 2nd 2017, HINESBURG VT- There has been a breakout case of senioritis throughout the senior class, students are being rapidly affected by the outbreak and have started to lose sight of the work factor of school and focus on graduation and college, but most students forget that they still have to finish their classes to graduate. There are 310 students in the senior class and the percentage of students who graduate is very high with an outstanding 98% of seniors.  

Though students don’t have any interest in working on anything towards the end of the year teachers for example Christopher Hood and Mark Pogact  have come up with ideas of having student work on more projects and also rewording students by letting them work on a big project before the end of the year instead of taking a final exam. Thus keeping seniors on task and have something to work towards.
When asking a few questions to some seniors that attend CVU the first subject was Jayden Grant starting with a simple do you have senioritis? he gave a quick “yes” and with that lead us into the next question how long? “Since sophomore year” he stated

Aaron Wells commented “ i was born with it”, when asked what the symptoms were he had said “ “well excessive sleep, not doing things,chronic procrastination, does not want to be asked any more questions due to senioritis”     


Noah’s Spring Water? Feature #2

Brennen Whitcomb & Cam Longhamp

HINESBURG - At CVU students have a new water that now doesn’t come in a bottle, but in a can. Leo Laforce the Food Service Director has decided to make a change and this change has caused controversy across the school. Student have been talking about the situation on the new water and whether we should go back to the plastic bottled water. “Noah’s Water” water contains 110 Mg of magnesium per liter whereas other bottled waters such as “Vermont Pure” has only 4.2 Mg of magnesium per liter.

When asking Leo why he switched the water for CVU and he commented, “plastic bottles are not good for the environment and we needed a change for recycling purposes because plastic bottles take too much energy to recycle and when using aluminium you can reuse the can or melt the can down to form a new can”. Leo also commented on the new water, “The water comes from Adobe Springs, California and contains 110 mg of magnesium. The standard water bottle only has 6 mg of magnesium. The change of the water is better for students but also is a little more expensive due to the volume of water being more than a 16 oz bottle”. When talking to leo he said the school would continue selling the NOAH’S water instead of the standard spring water.       
CVU Student- Cam Howe has negative opinions on this water product. When asked if he liked the new NOAH’S he he had very little to say just a blatant “no” this gave us a smile knowing the next question would get a good response. After our second question on how it tasted he came back with “ it tastes like sad lake water and aluminum” giving my partner cam and I a laugh we progressed. When i asked if he felt as if this was an improvement over the old water and if so what he stated “he said no the taste is not worth the $1.85 but has great recycle purposes” there may have been some disagreement there but we moved on. Asking him if he would like to go back became a simple “yes!” which after hearing his arguments came to the surprise of no one. Although california is in a drought but slowly recovering i still thought it would be morally right to ask this last question how do you feel drinking this water knowing california is in a drought, he looked at use in confusion “there in a drought” he said with a pause “I hope the getting some of this water to”.  

CVU Student Jordan Maille had a positive opinion on NOAH’S water. We asked Jordan if he liked the new water and he commented, “I have at least two a day and I think the water taste like normal water.” Jordan also commented about how it tasted to him, “I think the water tastes sweet.” when asked if it was an improvement he said “no” keeping it short and sweet. Now interested we asked would you prefer to go back to the old water he replied “ yes go back to the bottled water” which came to no surprise. We ask jordan how he felt drinking the water knowing California was in a drought. He said at first he know what to think about it, but now it feels weird to think about taking water from california when they are in a drought.   

Both arguments between the students are both opinionated and valid points between whether the bottled water should stay and opinion on the taste of the water, but for now the water stays here at CVU to give students a better water and also helping the environment.      

The Perfect Book for Sophomores News #4

By, Cameron Longchamp and Chris O’Brien, Champlain Valley Chronicle

HINESBURG, VT - This year's sophomores at CVU are assigned the same book that many of the previous students have read before them. The book ‘The Lord of the Flies’ is one of the most popular books for the sophomores to read, but why is it read year after year?

Two weeks ago the book was assigned by Cydney Craft and Stacy Wulff to their humanities class. This is the case not only for Craft’s and Wulff’s students, but for many other sophomore teachers around the building.

When asked why this book is read year after year to 10th graders, Craft says, “The book allows for students to understand human nature and human dynamics. The students are able to connect the characters in the book to people in real life. For instance they can find out who are the leaders in a small group during class, and why do they rely on certain to be the leaders.” It was these qualities that convinced Craft to teach this book this year and not choose another.

It is clear that the teachers back up the purpose of this book 100%, however that doesn’t mean that the students agree as well. CVU sophomore Graham Walker says, “So far we are halfway through the book and I actually am enjoying the book. It tells the classic story of a group of people working together to stay alive on an island.”

The story of ‘Lord of the Flies’ follows the lives of several boys as they are stuck on an island and must survive to be rescued. An intriguing story line for the students paired with a strong connection to lives that the sophomores live guiding the teachers curriculum makes ‘Lord of the Flies’ a perfect fit for every sophomore to read for years to come.

How about that student addiction! News #3

By Josh Bliss & Cameron Longchamp

pasted image 0.png

HINESBURG -- CVU health teacher from Chittenden Core, T.J Mead, spent this last Wednesday teaching his students about the painful realities of drug addiction. The students took action working on the simulator that T.J designed to help students understand what addiction was and how it affects teens.    

T.J. Mead started his class by asking the students to define what they thought addiction meant. The lesson T.J. was teaching was about the effects of drugs and what kind of effects they had on the teen brain because the brain is not fully developed until age 25.

T.J. stated, “the students wrote down on pieces of paper, 3 people important to them, 3 passions they have, 3 attributes and were given a scenario.  The students had to pick one card out of each category to lose as a consequence for there actions. After each scenario the next would get more complicated.”    
The class was very helpful, as many of the freshman were unaware of much of the information that T.J taught.  Freshman student, Stewart Robinson, had this to say on the new material, “It was very helpful.  People may not know that if you do drugs it can cause addiction, which is why it’s a very important class to teach.”

Freshman student, Jordan Halverson, added “Most of it was new info. I only knew a little about addiction before the class but now I know a lot.”  

Both students agree that T.J should continue teaching the class in the future.  Mead hopes that his class will help keep students on the right path moving forward, and that they will remember his class as a valuable lesson.

Students Pull Harmless Trick on Friend News #2

By Cameron Longchamp CVU Student February 2,2017

HINESBURG VT -- Early in the morning on February 2, 2017 CVU students Cameron Longchamp and David Roy decided it would be funny if they took all the keys off of Sophia Bolivar’s keychain and hide them in her bag.

Sophia had gone for a walk around Champlain valley union high school with her boyfriend Aaron Wells, meanwhile not knowing what David and Cameron were going to do.

After a few laps around the school Cam had the idea of pulling a prank on Sophia because she always leaves her keys with David.

Cameron commented to David, “It would be funny if we took all of Sophia's keys off her keychain and hid them in her bag”. Cam gave the remaining keys to David to put in Sophia’s bag and they waited till Sophia got back.

Sophia got to the table and noticed her keys were gone and freaked out due to others also doing this to her a few weeks ago.

After Cam telling her where they were she angrily took them out of her bag and put the keys back on the chain.   

Students Leave Cafeteria Destroyed and In Filth News #1

By Cameron Longchamp CVU STUDENT JANUARY 31,2017

 The Baysider

HINESBURG, VT -- For years now there have been food and plates left in the Champlain Valley union high school cafeteria and left for the custodians to clean up and take care of your (The student's) plates and trash.

Students leave their trash all over the cafeteria after lunch. Every time someone does this it always ends in a dispute or disagreement of who left their trash at the table and often see people go to other tables and leave the trash to the last person left at the table.

The lunch blocks are set in half hour's (A,B,C,D, lunch). After each lunch new students arrive to tables left of remains from the last group of students and students don't want to sit at tables with trash left at them.

An anonymous CVU student comments, “ It’s trashy and people should clean up after themselves”.

Student continue to leave there trash at tables for others to clean up and this issue needs to change.   

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Is It Time For An Upgrade In Education. Feature #1

By Cameron Longchamp CVU STUDENT FEBRUARY 14,2017

CVU student, Drew Major presents his bench
he made in wood class.

HINESBURG VT - Some students at Champlain Valley union high school continue through their four years in high school with a bad attitude toward the way the school runs.
Students attending any class at CVU, ever so often have to present something in front of the class, but have the teachers ever thought about if the student is comfortable with presenting?

The real question is, How can CVU help with student succeed and not feel they don’t  fit in with “smart students” and how can teachers help/hide the fact that some students are shy and uncomfortable about sharing an answer in class? Some students believe these are the questions CVU staff should be asking and finding a better solution in helping all student succeed in school and should find a better way student can show what they have learned instead of standardized testing.  

Student Aaron Wells said, “‘The traditional education system is not ideal and there are a vast array of unique students going through the same rigid requirements”. He also commented, “Students are psychologically affected from ‘not being smart’ and don't fit in.’”

All students have a learning style; some learn “hands on”, and some are able to learn from reading books. Some student don't like the fact they feel trapped or stuck in an uncomfortable situation when called upon in class or when having to present a project in class and can potentially cause stress and or (psychological problem) in the student’s life because they would come upon the fact they feel not smart they don't know a question asked by a teacher or if they do a bad job of presenting in front of their peers.

Teacher Diantha Francis said, “There are two sides of a student’s life, their home life and school life”, she also commented “Some students have trouble with learning and can cause them to not be motivated in school.”

Students and faculty agree that CVU needs to reach all students to find an equal balance to their learning habits
Due to student having trouble in traditional school, should CVU appeal to other teaching styles? There are a very large population of students who succeed in school, but there is still that small portion of students who need a little more help with their learning. CVU provides programs like the Life Program and also provides Tech classes (Essex Tech, Burlington Tech). The Life program provide help to those who have trouble in school and they focus on “life's” tasks. There is still a fair amount of students who are at CVU and still have trouble with their learning but can decide to take a tech class from Essex or Burlington tech.

Asking CVU student, Aaron Wells the question of what his thought were on the tech programs for students, he commented, “It is a great alternative for student who want to follow through with a career”. Student who go through these programs can have a better understanding to what they would do in the future.         

Some students are annoyed at the way the education system is ran at CVU. Those want to know when there will be a change in the standard education system and if so the teachers would have to ask the questions on how we can change to help students accommodate to their learning style. So ….The students ask you, Is it time for an upgrade in education?