Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Is It Time For An Upgrade In Education. Feature #1

By Cameron Longchamp CVU STUDENT FEBRUARY 14,2017

CVU student, Drew Major presents his bench
he made in wood class.

HINESBURG VT - Some students at Champlain Valley union high school continue through their four years in high school with a bad attitude toward the way the school runs.
Students attending any class at CVU, ever so often have to present something in front of the class, but have the teachers ever thought about if the student is comfortable with presenting?

The real question is, How can CVU help with student succeed and not feel they don’t  fit in with “smart students” and how can teachers help/hide the fact that some students are shy and uncomfortable about sharing an answer in class? Some students believe these are the questions CVU staff should be asking and finding a better solution in helping all student succeed in school and should find a better way student can show what they have learned instead of standardized testing.  

Student Aaron Wells said, “‘The traditional education system is not ideal and there are a vast array of unique students going through the same rigid requirements”. He also commented, “Students are psychologically affected from ‘not being smart’ and don't fit in.’”

All students have a learning style; some learn “hands on”, and some are able to learn from reading books. Some student don't like the fact they feel trapped or stuck in an uncomfortable situation when called upon in class or when having to present a project in class and can potentially cause stress and or (psychological problem) in the student’s life because they would come upon the fact they feel not smart they don't know a question asked by a teacher or if they do a bad job of presenting in front of their peers.

Teacher Diantha Francis said, “There are two sides of a student’s life, their home life and school life”, she also commented “Some students have trouble with learning and can cause them to not be motivated in school.”

Students and faculty agree that CVU needs to reach all students to find an equal balance to their learning habits
Due to student having trouble in traditional school, should CVU appeal to other teaching styles? There are a very large population of students who succeed in school, but there is still that small portion of students who need a little more help with their learning. CVU provides programs like the Life Program and also provides Tech classes (Essex Tech, Burlington Tech). The Life program provide help to those who have trouble in school and they focus on “life's” tasks. There is still a fair amount of students who are at CVU and still have trouble with their learning but can decide to take a tech class from Essex or Burlington tech.

Asking CVU student, Aaron Wells the question of what his thought were on the tech programs for students, he commented, “It is a great alternative for student who want to follow through with a career”. Student who go through these programs can have a better understanding to what they would do in the future.         

Some students are annoyed at the way the education system is ran at CVU. Those want to know when there will be a change in the standard education system and if so the teachers would have to ask the questions on how we can change to help students accommodate to their learning style. So ….The students ask you, Is it time for an upgrade in education?     

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