Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Grad Challenge! News #6

Cam Longchamp, sophie Boyer, Brennen Whitcomb

HINESBURG- Grad challenge is a week away at CVU and the race is on to finish grad challenge. Grad challenge is when the senior student have to pick a topic and talk about at the end of the year. Some students are very nervous about presenting  

Aaron Wells- the project was “shitty”. When working on the project he felt it was easier outside of class. He also commented that next friday he was physically ready to present but mentally ready to puke.  

Lawrence T-  is mostly prepared. Probably more than most…
He asked questions ahead of time and feels like he is ready to go.
He thinks those who didn't take a class with Andrea Lachance, will probably feel more stressed. Because his class is super helpful. Your are successful if you pay attention and don't bum around
Those were just 2 of the 310 seniors in the senior class and what they had to say about how they felt about their own project, Adam Bunting the principal at CVU has shown the thought about the future ideas.   

Adam Bunting- Trying to evolve Grad Challenge overall to be a four year learning process
Where the learning and values stay with you.

The heat and stress is rising for the senior class to finish grad challenge and most are ready but there are still few that are almost there.   

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