Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Have You Been Infected? News #5

Brennen Whitcomb & Cameron Longchamp

May 2nd 2017, HINESBURG VT- There has been a breakout case of senioritis throughout the senior class, students are being rapidly affected by the outbreak and have started to lose sight of the work factor of school and focus on graduation and college, but most students forget that they still have to finish their classes to graduate. There are 310 students in the senior class and the percentage of students who graduate is very high with an outstanding 98% of seniors.  

Though students don’t have any interest in working on anything towards the end of the year teachers for example Christopher Hood and Mark Pogact  have come up with ideas of having student work on more projects and also rewording students by letting them work on a big project before the end of the year instead of taking a final exam. Thus keeping seniors on task and have something to work towards.
When asking a few questions to some seniors that attend CVU the first subject was Jayden Grant starting with a simple do you have senioritis? he gave a quick “yes” and with that lead us into the next question how long? “Since sophomore year” he stated

Aaron Wells commented “ i was born with it”, when asked what the symptoms were he had said “ “well excessive sleep, not doing things,chronic procrastination, does not want to be asked any more questions due to senioritis”     


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