Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How about that student addiction! News #3

By Josh Bliss & Cameron Longchamp

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HINESBURG -- CVU health teacher from Chittenden Core, T.J Mead, spent this last Wednesday teaching his students about the painful realities of drug addiction. The students took action working on the simulator that T.J designed to help students understand what addiction was and how it affects teens.    

T.J. Mead started his class by asking the students to define what they thought addiction meant. The lesson T.J. was teaching was about the effects of drugs and what kind of effects they had on the teen brain because the brain is not fully developed until age 25.

T.J. stated, “the students wrote down on pieces of paper, 3 people important to them, 3 passions they have, 3 attributes and were given a scenario.  The students had to pick one card out of each category to lose as a consequence for there actions. After each scenario the next would get more complicated.”    
The class was very helpful, as many of the freshman were unaware of much of the information that T.J taught.  Freshman student, Stewart Robinson, had this to say on the new material, “It was very helpful.  People may not know that if you do drugs it can cause addiction, which is why it’s a very important class to teach.”

Freshman student, Jordan Halverson, added “Most of it was new info. I only knew a little about addiction before the class but now I know a lot.”  

Both students agree that T.J should continue teaching the class in the future.  Mead hopes that his class will help keep students on the right path moving forward, and that they will remember his class as a valuable lesson.

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