Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Noah’s Spring Water? Feature #2

Brennen Whitcomb & Cam Longhamp

HINESBURG - At CVU students have a new water that now doesn’t come in a bottle, but in a can. Leo Laforce the Food Service Director has decided to make a change and this change has caused controversy across the school. Student have been talking about the situation on the new water and whether we should go back to the plastic bottled water. “Noah’s Water” water contains 110 Mg of magnesium per liter whereas other bottled waters such as “Vermont Pure” has only 4.2 Mg of magnesium per liter.

When asking Leo why he switched the water for CVU and he commented, “plastic bottles are not good for the environment and we needed a change for recycling purposes because plastic bottles take too much energy to recycle and when using aluminium you can reuse the can or melt the can down to form a new can”. Leo also commented on the new water, “The water comes from Adobe Springs, California and contains 110 mg of magnesium. The standard water bottle only has 6 mg of magnesium. The change of the water is better for students but also is a little more expensive due to the volume of water being more than a 16 oz bottle”. When talking to leo he said the school would continue selling the NOAH’S water instead of the standard spring water.       
CVU Student- Cam Howe has negative opinions on this water product. When asked if he liked the new NOAH’S he he had very little to say just a blatant “no” this gave us a smile knowing the next question would get a good response. After our second question on how it tasted he came back with “ it tastes like sad lake water and aluminum” giving my partner cam and I a laugh we progressed. When i asked if he felt as if this was an improvement over the old water and if so what he stated “he said no the taste is not worth the $1.85 but has great recycle purposes” there may have been some disagreement there but we moved on. Asking him if he would like to go back became a simple “yes!” which after hearing his arguments came to the surprise of no one. Although california is in a drought but slowly recovering i still thought it would be morally right to ask this last question how do you feel drinking this water knowing california is in a drought, he looked at use in confusion “there in a drought” he said with a pause “I hope the getting some of this water to”.  

CVU Student Jordan Maille had a positive opinion on NOAH’S water. We asked Jordan if he liked the new water and he commented, “I have at least two a day and I think the water taste like normal water.” Jordan also commented about how it tasted to him, “I think the water tastes sweet.” when asked if it was an improvement he said “no” keeping it short and sweet. Now interested we asked would you prefer to go back to the old water he replied “ yes go back to the bottled water” which came to no surprise. We ask jordan how he felt drinking the water knowing California was in a drought. He said at first he know what to think about it, but now it feels weird to think about taking water from california when they are in a drought.   

Both arguments between the students are both opinionated and valid points between whether the bottled water should stay and opinion on the taste of the water, but for now the water stays here at CVU to give students a better water and also helping the environment.      

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