Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Students Leave Cafeteria Destroyed and In Filth News #1

By Cameron Longchamp CVU STUDENT JANUARY 31,2017

 The Baysider

HINESBURG, VT -- For years now there have been food and plates left in the Champlain Valley union high school cafeteria and left for the custodians to clean up and take care of your (The student's) plates and trash.

Students leave their trash all over the cafeteria after lunch. Every time someone does this it always ends in a dispute or disagreement of who left their trash at the table and often see people go to other tables and leave the trash to the last person left at the table.

The lunch blocks are set in half hour's (A,B,C,D, lunch). After each lunch new students arrive to tables left of remains from the last group of students and students don't want to sit at tables with trash left at them.

An anonymous CVU student comments, “ It’s trashy and people should clean up after themselves”.

Student continue to leave there trash at tables for others to clean up and this issue needs to change.   

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