Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Students Pull Harmless Trick on Friend News #2

By Cameron Longchamp CVU Student February 2,2017

HINESBURG VT -- Early in the morning on February 2, 2017 CVU students Cameron Longchamp and David Roy decided it would be funny if they took all the keys off of Sophia Bolivar’s keychain and hide them in her bag.

Sophia had gone for a walk around Champlain valley union high school with her boyfriend Aaron Wells, meanwhile not knowing what David and Cameron were going to do.

After a few laps around the school Cam had the idea of pulling a prank on Sophia because she always leaves her keys with David.

Cameron commented to David, “It would be funny if we took all of Sophia's keys off her keychain and hid them in her bag”. Cam gave the remaining keys to David to put in Sophia’s bag and they waited till Sophia got back.

Sophia got to the table and noticed her keys were gone and freaked out due to others also doing this to her a few weeks ago.

After Cam telling her where they were she angrily took them out of her bag and put the keys back on the chain.   

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